Leadership Communication

  • Executive Coaching

    Do your communication skills demonstrate and inspire excellence in your people?

  • Targeted Skill-Building for Executive Teams

    For executives and Corporate leaders in particular, advancing ideas in the most powerful and persuasive light is crucial.

  • Spokesperson Training: Business Center, PR, Press & Media

    A company is only as strong as its perception in the public eye.

  • Message Strategy & Creation

    Ensure that all of your key messages are designed for clarity, impact, & memorability.

Business Communication & Presentation Skills

  • Mastering Presentations

    Successful presenters inspire confidence, deliver ideas clearly and memorably, engage listeners, and handle questions seamlessly.

  • Effective Technical Presentations

    Presenting complex data is a challenge when delivering to diverse audiences, senior management, or varying levels of technical expertise.

  • Creating Compelling Business Stories

    Stories are the way human beings make meaning out of chaos.

  • Get to the Point – Webinar on content for speaking and writing

    How many meetings, presentations, or phone calls have left you asking, "What was the point?"

  • The Physicality of Communication – Webinar on the mechanics of confidence

    Physical behaviors are some of the most overlooked components of communication effectiveness.

Interaction & Conflict Management

  • The Art of Productive Conflict

    Most human beings don’t handle disagreements very well…have you noticed?

  • Dynamic Business Communicator: Thriving in Fast, Interactive, & Diverse Environments

    Highly effective communicators are leveraging a finite yet powerful set of principles that they’ve learned, practiced, and habituated.

  • Delivering to Executives & Challenging Customers

    Communication with executive leadership or demanding customers is not necessarily (or likely) going to go as planned.

  • Command the Dynamics of Interaction – Webinar

    For any community to function effectively, they must work out how to reach agreements, handle conflict, and hear one another.

Creative Personal Expression

  • I.M.P. Training – Improvisation, Mindfulness, and Personal Expression

    Sometimes the most direct route to increased productivity is not a straight line.

  • The Great Escape – from Self-Consciousness to Self-Expression

    This workshop is designed for those interested in cracking open self-beliefs that constrain spontaneous, playful, and powerful expression.

  • Building Connection within Diverse Teams

    Communities of people that work well together, and constantly improve their performance have three things in common.