Leadership Communication

Message Strategy & Creation

Ensure that all of your key messages are designed for clarity, impact, & memorability.

Invisible Elephant consultants design and facilitate message development projects that coordinate individuals, intact teams, or subject matter experts from various internal organizations. We can work in concert with Corporate Communications, Public/Investor Relations, graphics departments, etc. Invisible Elephant ensures that best ideas are utilized, while keeping the process, as well as content stakeholders focused.

All aspects of content development are addressed including: generating, organizing, and sequencing key messages; incorporating memory hooks; designing visual support; creating notation systems; selecting appropriate communication vehicles; and skill-building for spokespersons.

If you and/or your team are:

  • Developing your organization's mission, vision, and values statements
  • Updating a corporate/product pitch
  • Gearing up for a trade show or product roll-out
  • Communicating strategic changes that require full understanding/support
  • Coordinating input on any important communication

 Invisible Elephant can facilitate the process.