Business Communication & Presentation skills

Effective Technical Presentations

The ability to present technical information and ideas effectively is a critical success factor in business.

Presenting complex data is even more challenging when you are communicating to diverse audiences, senior management, or varying levels of technical expertise.

This 2-day program utilizes extensive videotaped feedback, interactive coaching, in-depth assessment, and development plans for up to 10 participants.

The program is for engineers, product specialists, or anyone who is called upon to make technical presentations, or communicate complex data. 

Content Clarity and Impact

  • Analyze target audiences effectively for max relevance
  • Adjust your detail and technical levels for various listeners
  • Communicate information vs. data
  • Ensure clarity and memorability of key information
  • Apply visual support strategy

Interaction Management 

  • Handle difficult questions and challenges
  • Generate listener involvement
  • Stay on track, and reinforcing key messages 

Command of Behavioral Skills 

  • Project confidence and conviction
  • Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies
  • Maintain listener attention
  • Manage nervousness 

Whether you're facing a formal presentation situation, or making comments at a meeting -- increase your effectiveness in generating project support or funding, promoting creative ideas, making technical sales, or solidifying understanding and buy-in for your concepts.