Business Communication & Presentation skills

Creating Compelling Business Stories

1-Day Skills development Program for up to 20 participants


Why do this? 

Stories are the way human beings make meaning out of chaos. We are constantly telling stories in our heads to make sense of random data points and information. We can’t help it, because the brain is evolutionarily wired to process and store information this way. So if you don’t tell your listeners the story behind your data and information, they will fill in the blanks themselves – or worse, check out. Tell compelling stories to drive business decisions, and boost career successes.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone who has to communicate effectively in face-to-face meetings, web sessions, and presentations – especially to senior/exec audiences. Or who needs to create impactful PowerPoint decks, and other written or verbal business content.  

Participants will learn to:

  • Avoid the 3 critical mistakes almost all content developers make
  • Apply principles of effective business story-boarding 
  • Translate data and information into memorable and compelling stories
  • Use own material to hone, edit, develop and apply best practices 
  • Deliver short segments of relevant material
  • Utilize the 4 strategies for memorability of information 
  • Incorporate examples, analogies, references/quotes, humor & emotion
  • Have fun with lighter non-work topics
  • Strengthen Openings, Closings, and Key Messages with Memory Hooks  

We will build skills in all critical aspects of business story-telling including:

  1. building your content, 2) making & highlighting key points, 3) physically delivering your content in a compelling way, 4) ensuring that you are connecting with the right audience

Participants will receive direct coaching and partner feedback, as well as personally review and keep videotaped practices.