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Building Connection within Diverse Teams

Building a highly functioning team requires a great deal more than simply amassing individuals with complimentary subject matter expertise.

Communities of people that work well together, and constantly improve their performance have three things in common:

  1. They are aware of, and consciously work with their functional strengths and weaknesses 
  2. They cultivate inclusiveness around varying personality and communication styles 
  3. They deal effectively with diverse perspectives and conflict

IE consultants facilitate a series of fun and highly interactive exercises designed to explore and develop the 3 key issues related to effective team functioning.

1-Team Functioning 

  • Enhance Creativity and Innovation
  • Build Trust
  • Grow Leadership and Collaboration
  • Strengthen Communication

2-Personality/Communication Styles 

  • Explore a model delineating 4 common personality/communication styles 
  • Create a dynamic assessment of communication styles within the team 
  • Begin applying awareness of communication styles in various interactions 

3-Managing Conflict 

  • Project openness through communication behaviors
  • Develop persuasiveness and clarity
  • Demonstrate good listening 
  • Understand team member concerns 
  • Defuse hostility
  • Acknowledge diverse points of view without giving up your own
  • Use positive, forward-moving, listener focused language
  • Promote true win-win results 

This customized 1 day program is targeted for teams interested in elevating the level of functioning in their organizations, developing their communication skills as a group, and strengthening relationships, while having fun doing it.