Leadership Communication

Spokesperson Training: Business Center, PR, Press & Media

A company is as strong as its perception in the public eye.


Public perception can be powerfully influenced by an insightful statement from a high-profile executive, or a negative report placed prominently in the press.

This 1-day customized training program accommodates up to 6 individuals, and can focus on an upcoming announcement to the financial community, a press tour, trade show, product roll-out, or other corporate sponsored event.

Skills development focuses on three critical areas:

  • Effective Communication Behaviors:

Strengthen natural behaviors that project confidence, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Eliminate nervous or distracting idiosyncrasies.

  • Clarification of Key Messages and Quotables:

After applicable listener/reader/viewer analysis, practice messages in various high impact forms. Tag messages with appropriate images, analogies, emotion, quotables, and other memory hooks.

  • Interaction Management:

Field difficult questions, respond to challenging assertions, and practice bridging the interview back to key messages non-defensively.

Spokespersons will be able to: handle interviews and conferences confidently, comfortably, and in their own natural style; use interactions skillfully as a means to forward key messages; and influence the way messages are received and reported by communicating them in quotable forms.