Creative Personal Expression

I.M.P. – Improvisation, Mindfulness, and Personal Expression

Sometimes the most direct route to increased productivity is not a straight line.

Organizations are constantly restructuring. New markets are instantly emerging or disappearing. Work environments are mutating into unrecognizable forms. In such a climate of unpredictable change, emotional maturity, openness, creativity, and imagination are truly the keys to success...and a sense of humor doesn't hurt either! 

Have fun, cultivate team synergies, and refresh productive juices while learning to: 

  • Tap into the transformative power of 'Yes' 
  • Access your most creative and original ideas
  • Develop a centered presence thru Mindfulness practice 
  • Enhance your ability to concentrate
  • Let the wisdom in your body direct your mind 
  • Release physical stress in the midst of chaos
  • Free up blocked expressiveness and dissolve self-judgment
  • Be clearer and stronger in your communications

This Playshop can be customized in limitless ways to enhance and enliven your group off-site, team meeting, or other company event.