Interaction & Conflict Management

Commanding the Dynamics of Interaction - Webinar

Most human beings don’t handle disagreements very well…have you noticed?

However, for any community to function well, they must work out how to reach agreements, handle conflict, hear one another, be clear and efficient in their exchanges, and generally be responsive to others in their spheres of influence. 

In this 2-hour highly interactive Webinar, participants will learn how to more effectively:

  • Communicate with a difficult person or group
  • Address a highly charged issue
  • Soften deeply entrenched points of view
  • Handle challenging questions
  • Demonstrate good listening – whether in conflict or not
  • Sensitize oneself to another’s perspective
  • Defuse hostility when possible
  • Make a compelling and persuasive case when necessary
  • Keep conversations positive and forward-moving

This may sound like a lot to accomplish in a 2- hour Webinar. However, we will examine and practice using a simple, yet broadly applicable, and powerful “ART” model, as well as other tools for dealing with interactions of all kinds. These may include challenging interactions where disagreement and conflict are present -- or any exchange that could benefit from good listening and responsiveness. In any case, your business effectiveness and personal composure may depend on how you show up in these situations!

The program accommodates a max of 20 people in order to provide opportunities for practice and feedback.