Leadership Communication

Targeted Skill-building for Executive Teams

For Executives and Corporate leaders in particular, advancing ideas in the most powerful and persuasive light is crucial.


The question for most executives is not whether it would be valuable to develop and hone these skills, but when.

This 1-day intensive program combines event-specific consulting with personal skill-building. Group size is limited to 6 participants, and may consist of an intact team. Individuals work with a high-priority project, event, or issue. This approach enables the individual or team to leverage their time in several important ways.

In parallel we advance three key skill areas:

  • Behavioral/physical issues such as projecting confidence and energy
  • Content issues such as clarity and memorable impact of key information
  • Interaction issues including dealing with listener resistance and challenges¬†

An Invisible Elephant consultant will assist each participant in developing the communications aspects of their work, and facilitate group feedback and input when appropriate. In the course of the day session, high return areas for skill-building are targeted. A follow-up support plan is created for each participant.