Creative Personal Expression

The Great Escape: from Self-Consciousness to Self-Expression

Escape into a rich, rejuvenating, and transformative personal development experience.

Movement, "the forgotten language of the soul" will be our primary vehicle on this journey, as we explore one of the most essential dynamics in our lives as human beings -- that of Self Expression.

This event is limited to 12 participants.

The workshop is especially designed for those interested in learning how to crack open self-beliefs that constrain spontaneous, playful, and powerful expression. The ultimate goal is to develop a centered presence informed by our hearts and higher intentions, rather than by mental judgments and limiting self-images.

CEU credits for MFT’s and LCSW’s available. Course meets requirements of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Provider PCE#3272 

Would you like to move and express yourself more freely and joyfully in the world?

This workshop offers a fun and unique approach to deepening self-perception, awareness, and acceptance. The basis for the work is called Essential Motion. It is a combination of improvisational movement, somatic coaching, psychological and emotional inquiry, communication exercises, group mirroring, and mindfulness practice. Participants are also videotaped in solo, dyad, and group situations, with opportunities for viewing the tapes as a particularly powerful form of personal feedback.

Participation in The Great Escape will enable you to:

  • Understand how your self-images, expressions constrict/support life goals
  • Dissolve personal barriers to free and fully expressive action in the world 
  • Experience how your nonverbal/verbal communications impact relationships 
  • Awaken physical sensation, sensitivity, flexibility, and body ease

Karen Roeper and Peter Rosselli create a fun, provocative, and safe environment. They guide you through a discovery of your own personal vocabulary of expression, and help you explore how these expressions and response patterns directly reflect how you function in your everyday world. These somatic insights create possibilities for greater choice, and the ability to move through daily life with more grace, freedom, expressiveness, and power. Through the Essential Motion process, you reintegrate the physical intelligence and playful body ease of childhood, while cultivating the soul sustaining qualities of understanding, acceptance, and compassion.