Interaction & Conflict Management

Delivering to Executives and Challenging Customers

Communication with executive leadership or demanding customers is not necessarily (or likely) going to go as planned.

In order to inspire confidence and garner support, adaptability, brevity, and a listener-oriented approach are key.


2 Days, 10 Participants Max


To provide participants with a broadly applicable skills-based communications program for: 

-- Structuring Business Critical Content Targeted to Executives/customers

-- Managing the Flow of Meetings and Conversations with Execs

-- Enhancing Your Executive Presence

-- Cultivating Awareness of Executive/Customer Needs, Interests, and Attitudes


The two-day format includes the following:

  • Highly interactive practice format to drive lasting behavior change
  • Customized mix of discussion with coaching and practice opportunities
  • With a class size of 10 maximum; All exercises are individually coached  
  • Complete Communicator organizing tool

**Optional one-day format is also available.

Key Topics

Structure Business Critical Content Targeted to Executives or Customers

•   Determine, and then customize communication for, a target Executive audience

•   Optimize elevator pitch and Executive Briefings

•   Select memory hooks for important concepts

•   Deliver a coherent action plan with benefits to the business

•   Ensure clarity of key information and recommended actions

•   Adjust detail to expand or contract as needed

•   Structure key points extemporaneously 

•   Create a plan for strategic use of visual support  

Manage Conversation/Meeting Flow 

•    Generate support and buy-in  

•    Incorporate feedback without losing focus

•    Handle high level hallway conversations effectively

•    Stay on track, and reinforce key messages 

Enhance Your Executive Presence
     •   Project confidence and conviction

 •   Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies

    •   Apply skills and tools to formal and informal communications

Cultivate Listener Awareness

•   Create a “DNA” (Demographics, Needs, Attitudes) analysis for listener focused communications

•   Use five levels of details model to appropriately communicate at the executive level

•   Orient communications toward Executive or Customer issues and terminology

•   Target the level of technical detail to match executive perspective