Master the "Invisible Elephants"

The term "elephant in the room" refers to an unacknowledged factor that is substantially influencing a desired outcome. When we address the "invisible elephant" our goals become achievable.

IE programs and coaching develop the four skill sets - the invisible elephants - that are crucial to successful business communications.


Master these “invisible elephants” to transform unconscious liabilities into conscious strengths and support for
your goals.

"The way that an idea is expressed is as important as
the idea itself."

Peter Rosselli - President, IE

The single most important skill in business is the ability to communicate effectively.

Build Essential Capabilities

Companies focus a lot on ‘what we know’. Of course ideas, products, technologies, industry and market insights are key to growing any successful business. However the importance of ‘how we communicate what we know’ is often undervalued. Invisible Elephant helps businesses develop this essential capability.

Achieve Results That Differentiate

IE’s professional development programs and
executive coaching sessions enable clients to
confidently deliver clear, memorable messages,
and to manage challenging interactions
effectively. In addition, we apply these skills to
the whole range of communication modalities
business people face daily.