This 2-5 hour program covers the 3 critical issues in communication

Learn about effective eye contact, posture, gestures, voice, facial expression, use of space, use of notes and visual aids, etc. The entire group gets involved through interaction, participatory exercises, and coaching for volunteers.

Enhance clarity, succinctness, impact and memorability. Explore the 5 levels of detail, and listener-focused language. Participants learn to use content tools that they can apply immediately including Invisible Elephant's Message Map, PEARL Principles, DNA listener profile, and Detail Pyramid.

Explore approaches for generating listener involvement, probing, and clarifying. Participants use IE's ART Response model during the session to handling difficult questions, and defusing hostility.


Large Group

Speak up!

Business Communications Seminar for Large Groups

Business Communication

Learning and skill-building can be accomplished in a large group setting, and can be engaging and fun at the same time. It is extremely valuable for an organization to have a consistent approach and understanding of business communications skills. When people are on the same page about how they are, and should be communicating, the feedback process is strengthened, greater support and cohesiveness develops in the group, and teams function at a higher level.

For your conference, kickoff, group off-site, or other business gathering, leverage greater value from the event. Add this dynamic, fun, learning-intensive program to the agenda.