“Well structured, detailed, took up some serious communication issues and helped solve them. Excellent course. Best course taken at Yahoo!”

Product Manager, Yahoo! Inc.

Create Lasting Behavior Change:

The “Mastering Presentations” program is designed for business executives, managers, or meeting leaders who want to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations.

Mastering Presentations

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Mastering Presentations

Skills to Deliver Confident, Compelling Communications

Successful presenters inspire confidence, deliver ideas clearly and memorably, engage listeners, and handle questions seamlessly.

Surveys indicate that only 1-10% of presenters demonstrate effective presentation skills. Time, energy, money, and productivity are lost every day because presentation attendees struggle to get the relevant, useful information they need.

Mastering Presentations

Develop Key Skills:

Project confidence, build credibility, address nervousness, and manage distractions through skillful use of eye contact, posture, gestures, movement, voice, pausing and rhythm, etc.

Organize clear, succinct, listener focused messages, designed for impact and persuasiveness. Use memory hooks for listener retention of key information.

Incorporate diverse listener input. Adjust content and approach to match various technical levels and demographics.

Design and use effective visuals. Relate skillfully to physical elements such as laptops, notes, handouts, and whiteboards.

Listen effectively. Facilitate stakeholder buy-in. Maintain attention and engagement. Handle difficult questions. Keep conversations positive and forward-moving.

Apply best practices for seated, informal presentations, demos, technical training, teleconference, web meetings.