This program uses IE's PREP customer service model to ensure a perception of professionalism, reduce complaint escalations, defuse hostility, keep processes moving forward, and strengthen customer relations.

Behavioral communication skills for both phone and face-to-face customer interactions.

Tools for redirecting emotion, aligning and acknowledging, handling challenging questions, and keeping interactions positive.

IE's Action Flow Grid for processing customer requests and demands.

Interactive coaching to balance business professionalism with lightness and a personal approach.

This customized program accommodates 6-12 participants, utilizes extensive videotaping, and personalized coaching.

Extraordinary Customer Service

In today's competitive environment, excellent customer service is not a nice-to-have, it's a key differentiator.

Extraordinary Customer Service

It is critical that customer service representatives have access to tools, practice opportunities, and feedback in handling the often-difficult customer interactions they face daily.

This course is for individuals or groups who are in customer service/support roles, or any business person who deals directly with customer demands, requests, an expectations.

Extraordinary Customer Service