"Excellent. Best experience I could have imagined. Gifted instructors. Learned a lot."

Dorothea Hrossowyc - Therapist, Body-worker


Karen Roeper and Peter Rosselli have collaborated for over 20 years as consultants and educators, both nationally and internationally. They have integrated their experiences in organizational and leadership development, communication and presentation skills training, executive coaching, corporate management, facilitation skills, counseling psychology, expressive arts therapies, and performance technology to create a highly unique approach to personal and professional learning and development.


Karen Roeper

Karen Roeper is a trainer, somatic coach, counselor, and educator. Her lifelong passion has been to explore the relationships between body and emotions, the mind, and Spirit.

In addition to co-founding Invisible Elephant Training & Consulting, Karen created and developed Essential Motion, an intensive personal transformation process which focuses on cultivating and integrating mental, emotional, and particularly somatic (physical) intelligence. She has conducted seminars both nationally and internationally for over twenty years, and currently conducts two and four-year Essential Motion leadership certification courses in Sweden, Finland, and the U.S.

Karen holds a Masters in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy. She has been a consultant for the ED/Trauma Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Santa Rosa, and was an adjunct faculty member at JFK University. She is currently a Rosen Method Bodywork Senior Teacher and has maintained a private practice for over twenty-five years. For more information on Karen’s Essential Motion trainings and workshops, please visit her web site at www.essential-motion.com


Michael Heim M.A., MFCC
Senior Consultant

Michael Heim has been a key contributing member of the IE team since the company’s inception. He has over 20 years experience as a consultant, trainer, and course designer in the areas of Cultural Diversity and Communications. His client portfolio includes Apple Computer, AT&T, Amdahl, Amoco Corporation, Ashland Oil, Baxter Medical, Berlex Biosciences, Citibank, Clorox, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Internal Revenue Service, Pacific Bell, Nike, Sony Pictures, and a host of other Fortune 500 companies. For the past 10 years he has also consulted extensively with Kaiser Permanente.

In 1996, prior to joining IE, Michael co-founded Cor Communications, LLC. a consulting company specializing in Diversity training. As a Diversity consultant Michael conducted comprehensive assessments of organizational cultures, and developed programs focusing on diversity issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and work/life balance. He also spent nine years as a Program Manager for a leading national communications company, designing and conducting programs in Interpersonal Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Customer Service.

Michael has a Masters Degree in Counseling, is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist, and has worked extensively with victims of assault and violence. He co-founded a non-profit counseling center for people with life-threatening illnesses. His background includes over 8 years of teaching experience on the high school and university levels. Michael was also president and co-owner of Heim Bros. Inc., a construction firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today Michael particularly enjoys outdoor sports such as kayaking and distance swimming, and his training continues to be a significant part of his lifestyle.


AlexSandra Leslie
Senior Consultant

AlexSandra provides consulting services to leaders and their organizations in the areas of business communication and organizational development. Her work focuses on outcome-oriented organizational and personal change. She has been specializing in Authentic Expression, Communication Skills, and Leadership Development for over 25 years, and has coached thousands of people in preparing for a variety of critical presentations, interviews, and challenging interactions. She focuses particularly on senior executives and their teams.

In the area of business communication, AlexSandra helps leaders design and articulate their corporate vision and strategy and deliver potent and compelling presentations that enhance their effectiveness in the marketplace. She coaches executives to find their own natural presence, and to communicate their message with strength and authenticity. The result is an enhanced ability to inspire, motivate, and move people to take action. Beyond her executive work, she designs and delivers large-scale training programs including train the trainer applications. AlexSandra also helps executives to lead their teams through major or stressful changes. An important part of this process is identifying, developing and communicating the vision, values and strategic direction as well as the obstacles that hinder success throughout the organization.

AlexSandra has been a lead consultant and contributor to the IE team from its founding. Prior to IE she worked for 10 years with Decker Communications, a leading pioneer in the field of business communications, where she developed expertise in communication, speaking and leadership skills. She also trained with The Tom Peters Group, Leadership Center West and Peter Block’s School for Managing. She is a Master practitioner for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is qualified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Throughout her work AlexSandra is committed to contributing to the needed transformation in business and society toward more sanity, balance, productivity and respect for, with and among others.


Corine Anders
Senior Consultant

Corine Anders is experienced in executive coaching and training, specializing in presentation skills in high stakes situations. For the past 25 years, she has consulted with thousands of professionals globally and across many business sectors.

She has participated in leadership development programs as a presentation skills consultant at the General Electric - Jack Welch Education Center, UBS Warburg, Yale University, and the Kellogg School of Management.

She has also facilitated programs in sales skills, negotiation, writing, managing, interviewing, and customer service.

Corine has trained and consulted with executives from BP in their Houston office and worked with the following Fortune 500 companies:

Banking/Finance - GE Capital, HSBC, Bank of America, PNC, Wachovia, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Prudential Financial, Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch and Moody's.

Technology - Cisco, Cognizant, Intel, HP, Apple, Avaya

Accounting - Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG

Pharmaceutical - Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Astra-Zeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Schering-Plough, Abbott Labs, Novartis, Pfizer and Hoffman-La Roche

Medical/Insurance - Blue Cross Blue Shield, Excellus, Aetna, Prudential, Atlantic Mutual, State Farm, Allstate, Johnson & Johnson and SonoSite

Media - ABC, MTV, N.Y. Times, Conde Nast

IE Team

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Invisible Elephant consultants bring a creative, personal, supportive, and results-oriented approach to their work. They are exceptionally experienced, and collectively embody a formidable depth and breadth of expertise. They are committed to promoting lasting, life-changing impact in their clients that consistently surpasses goals and expectations. IE maintains a team of over 20 consultants located in major markets throughout the U.S.


Peter Rosselli -- President
Invisible Elephant Training & Consulting, Inc.

Peter Rosselli has been an innovator in Business Communications and Personal Expression training for over 25 years. As a course designer and coach he has worked directly with over 15,000 individuals, and conducted hundreds of skills development programs.

Prior to IE, Peter co-founded Cor Communications LLC, specializing in Diversity training. He developed the curricula for Decker Communications Inc., managing programs in Presentation Skills, Press and Media, Message Development, Conflict, and Customer Service. He worked with ChangeWorks Solutions, helping companies through dramatic organizational transformations, and also consulted and led trainings with the Negotiating Edge Seminars, and the Taylor Consulting Group. Peter remains a Senior Consultant with Effective Training Associates. He has guest lectured at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, IEEE, and the National Technological University.

Peter completed his undergraduate work at UC Berkeley, graduate studies at JFK university, and trained extensively in personality and social styles systems. He has spent a lifetime studying expressive arts beginning with music studies at age six, and began conducting workshops in improvisational movement and theatre in 1985. He loves the spaciousness and peace of the ocean, and so feels blessed to live in Muir Beach, California with his wife Karen. They proudly have one grown son Jamey, a lovely daughter-in-law Amy, and two beautiful granddaughters.


Jared Dickinson
Vice President - Business Development

Jared Dickinson made a transition into business communication coaching following job opportunities in Japan and Italy, and after over a decade of leading and managing successful operation and sales teams within the technology industry.

For the previous five years Jared worked with Robert Half International, the largest specialized staffing firm in the world where he was the Division Director of their IT consulting service group responsible for the company's largest accounts.

His greatest passion in leading business communication trainings is in the opportunity to empower individuals through effective communication to make a change and be more successful in their jobs. He specializes in programs for Presentation Skills (Technical or Sales Presentations), Dynamic Business Communication, Employee Development, Interviewing Skills, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution. Jared is passionate about social change and working with young adults. He has spent years as an advisory member to Year Up and focus's over 50% of his private business consulting in the Non-Profit realm.

He can be reached at jared@invisablelephant.com or 831-254-9222.


Barbara Brocklebank
Senior Consultant

Barbara has been providing coaching and training in spoken communication skills to executives and professionals across the United States and Canada for over ten years.

She has worked with clients in a variety of industries including accounting and professional services, insurance, pharmaceutical, technology and manufacturing.

Some clients include: KPMG, Moodys, Deloitte and Touche, AON, Risk Management Services, Abbott, Pfizer, Aventis, Sanofi, Teva, Sybase, TIAA-CREF, Fidelity, FTI Consulting, State Farm, Mattel and Estee Lauder.

Private sessions vary from improving one-to-one communications to preparing and rehearsing a major presentation or speech.

Born in Canada, Barbara is a graduate of Guelph University with a degree in marketing. Before moving to the United States she was a senior executive with the largest drugstore chain in Canada.

An avid traveler and adventurer, Barbara resides in New York with her husband, a Broadway musical theater performer.


John Prince

I have been involved in personal and public communications consulting, coaching and training since 1987. I help organizations grow and flourish by significantly improving the performance of their employees through the enhancement of their spoken communication skills. I coached people at all levels of business - individually and in groups - from the newly hired to upper management. I provide each with ways to remove barriers to effective communications; enabling them to deliver their messages and information powerfully and effectively, thus strengthening and improving themselves and ultimately, their organizations.

I develop and deliver communications skills workshops geared to individuals in sales, marketing, administration, customer service and management for a variety of industries including banking/finance, high-tech, food service, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, health care, entertainment, public utilities and insurance. I have developed and managed consulting and training staffs for several companies.

Prior to my career in training and personal consulting, I was a sales rep in the food service, office furniture and personal computers industries. While serving in the United States Air Force, I was a squadron commander, base administration officer, chief of protocol and a general's aide. I currently reside in Sausalito, California.


Debbie Hildebrandt

Debbie Hildebrandt provides training and private coaching to individuals seeking to improve their spoken communication skills. Over the past twenty years she has coached executives in a variety of industries including accounting and professional services, pharmaceutical, financial, health care, communications, commercial real estate, and technology. Clients include senior partners at Deloitte & Touche, KPMG, and Cushman & Wakefield. Additionally, Debbie has conducted group training sessions at Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems, Tufts Health Plan, Fidelity, Fleet, Nextel Partners, Microsoft, Weyerhaeuser and Fujitsu. Private sessions vary from improving one-to-one communications, to preparing and rehearsing a major presentation or speech and enhancing executive presence. Group sessions include communication skills for meetings and presentations and sales training. Debbie also serves as a guest speaker, having delivered speeches at events for organizations including Fox-Midwest, Colby College, Pioneer Investments and Hyatt Hotels.

In addition to her corporate work, Debbie has been a member of the Training and Development staff at Brown University where she designed and delivered programs on management development, presentation skills, conflict resolution and team building. While an instructor in the University of Hawaii system, she taught courses in both the speech and business education departments.

Debbie has also served as a Director for Kaplan Test Prep, an international education company, where she was responsible for statewide sales, marketing implementation and instructor training.

Debbie resides in the heart of Boston and enjoys travel and running. She holds an MBA and undergraduate degrees in both education and psychology.